Official website of MBDOU kindergarten of combined type No.109

Completed task: a new information site of MBDOU kindergarten of combined type No. 109 "Sparrow" (Bryansk), 2022 has been developed. Website address:

  • Thematic design taking into account the target audience - parents and staff of the garden.
  • During the development, the official requirements for the websites of preschool educational institutions were taken into account.
  • Adaptive layout.
  • Easy web animation on the main page of the site.
  • It is planned to create new sections and subsections of the site.
  • Photo gallery for any page of the site, the ability to attach files.
  • Feedback Forms.
  • Convenient, clear and flexible admin panel, tracking of actions performed on the site.
  • Monitoring reviews.
  • Version for the visually impaired.

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