Completed task: a new corporate website of the company "Steel Trade" LLC, Bryansk (2022) has been developed. Website address:


  • flexible scaling is not only an optimal change in the proportions of the layout (adaptability), but also the features of various interface management models;
  • accessibility: block structure and 3 types of menus (quick access menu, full-screen menu, additional menu inside the global sections of the site);
  • interactive elements, light web animation, user engagement;
  • the media format of the company's news is comfortable for perception;
  • formation of applications for the purchase of products online;
  • highly informative feedback from the CA from any page;
  • convenient site management via the administrative panel (fine-tuning access rights, tracking employee actions, powerful information manipulation capabilities).

The site is made in a single style with a thematic design and is associated with such concepts as "large-scale", "modern", "stylish", "dynamic".

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